We aim to do business  striking a fine balance between Economy, Ecology and Social aspects. We want to demonstrate that successful businesses can be sustainable while being responsible both economically and socially. It is our belief that these attributes are critical in helping the world achieve sustainable prosperity while promoting social harmony.

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in concrete.

The 3P GmbH will start projects all over the world. The projects will predominantly be in the area of environmental protection and they will ensure improvement of the social and ecological situation. The project we are working on just recently is building up capacities to collect plastic waste in the north of Brazil to bring back these resources in the product cycle.




It is possible to contribute in making the world a little bit better by doing just little things. Changing our consumers’ behavior or investing our money by taking a holistic, responsible view on what we invest in will create economic growth without negative aspects.




You want to participate in making the world better? Whether you want to invest in sustainable projects or if you have ideas for a better, cleaner and more sustainable planet,--please contact us and e love to discuss the possibilities.




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