3P Deutschland GmbH was founded in February 2014 by its Owner and CEO, Kilian Schuetz.


The company is solely financed by owner’s equity and the plan is also to finance  approved projects by owner’s capital or funds raised (eg. crowd funding). It is part of 3P’s company philosophy not to have classical investors like banks or investment funds as stakeholders, as their business targets are just oriented on profit. The balance between PEOPLE-PLANET-PROSPERITY cannot to be violated by a conflict of stakeholder-interests ever.


Kilian has spent many years at large global conglomerates in senior positions. He has an impressive track record in the Communications, Real Estate and Business Process Outsourcing industries.

All the experience he gained in the corporate world which primarily focuses on shareholder value convinced him of the need for Change.


The exclusive prioritization of profit above ecology and social aspects has brought our society to a dangerous situation of huge imbalances which gets wider every day and will cause our planet to collapse. With 3P, Kilian wants to  realize his vision to balance economic activities with social aspects, that successful entrepreneurship and a sustainable and responsible action can thrive together and this would develop sustainable wealth and social peace.

Additionally to all entrepreneurial activities which needs to comply strictly to the “Triple-P Principles” he plans to invest a part of the future Profits in the surroundings of the local enterprises to strengthen the two P’s PEOPLE (education, health, …) and PLANET.