Business objective of 3P Deutschland GmbH is to support a sustainable industrial development and to avoid, reduce or remove risks for the people and our environment.


3P will start/initiate Projects all over the world,  wherever -

- it is an ecological necessity

- there is an economic opportunity

- the political framework favours conditions for change

The crucial factor for any project is that the initiative  contributes positively towards the economic, ecological and social fabric of the area.

The linking elements of all projects is the consequent compliance to the “Triple P-Principle”.


We intend to create a network of independent business units who follow the “Triple P-Principle”. 3P Deutschland GmbH, as initiator and owners of the business idea will ensure that all companies in the network will help each other by sharing their knowledge and experiences. So we expect that the network actively pursues our mission in making the world a better place.

3P and all its units are consequently working to achieve a balance between ecological, economic and social aspects (Triple P-Principle).


Tripel P-PRINcIPle

3P will follow all activities that target to strike  a fine balance between Economy, Ecology and Social aspects. The importance of this balance is already anchored in the company name:

3P which is the acronym for Planet, People, Prosperity.



Protecting and sustaining our planet is the most important duty of humankind. Therefor we will only support, initiate or finance projects, which do not burden our planet additionally. In the best case scenario, our activities will help eliminate the already existing negative impacts of industrialization.




All companies in our network have to be clear about their balancing responsibilities as entrepreneur and employer -  Especially the responsibility towards employees and their families have a higher priority compared to traditional companies. We aim to create employment opportunities where people have  opportunities to work under fair conditions and participate in the success of the company. Additionally we incorporate aspects like health and safety of our employees, their families and the environment we are working in all our activities.



Economic growth, employment and income are the main drivers in a modern economy. 3P will work in alignment with these fundamentals, but also in strict compliance with our “Triple-P Principle”, balanced and with the right sense for proportion. Growth and profit will not be a target for itself, but will be a target to ensure better working conditions for our employees and the necessary funding for future investments in alignment with our company philosophy and values.