Foundation of a Company in Castanhal, State of Para, in the North of Brazil.

Purpose of the enterprise:
Collect, sort, bale and sell plastic waste.




Company foundation accomplished:

Now we have taken the last bureaucratic hurdles an have officialy establishing our Brasilian Company: 3P Brasil. This is an important milestone as we now can sign legally binding contracts.

Before we can start operation officially, we need to get one more stamp from the fire department. We have already accomplished all requirements and have paid all fees. We are in constant discussion with the fire services and hope that we tahke this hurdle also soon.  


Construction site:

We have finished all construction activities already. The building with office, warehouse and kitchen is finished and the factory building and the storage space is prepared for the start.
Also the garbage press is installed and a first test run was performed successfully. 


Start of purchasing activities and production:

In december 2015 we activated our supplyers and bought the first presorted plastics. 

Also we produced the first bales with the new baling press and started to learn how to do it best.


Contacts made:

We constantly care about our established relationships with the Rag pickers, to ensure their delivery as soon as we are prepared for operation.


Sales Activities started:

We have intensified contacts with potential customers of our “end” product (bales with sorted plastic waste). Next steps will be done as soon as we have built up our process capacity.

The Triple P-Principles are consequently complied

-->  Planet:

As of now, in best cases the plastic wastes in Brazil are brought to the dumps. These dumps are neither controlled or examined nor are they sustainable managed. Groundwater, rivers and the ocean are heavily contaminated as a result.


We prevent the natural environment from being more and more polluted and we keep an important resource in the production cycle.


We will initially create 25 new jobs, which are subject to social insurance contributions and we would additionally ensure income for around 200 waste pickers. Additionally a part of the Companies profit will be spent to ensure basic health services and education for “our” waste pickers.


We create new jobs and we improve the living conditions of our suppliers and employees.

--> Prosperity

We create new jobs for people with no or low education in economically underdeveloped regions. We help develop a professional and working waste management system contributing positively to the economy.


Our project supports the sustainable development of northern part of Brazil. Doing that, we explicitly involve the lowest income group and give them the opportunity to participate on their countries’ prosperity.